About Us

In this scenario of an increased demand for equitable access and distribution of quality healthcare, the only resort to plan and develop healthcare services and infrastructure is to seek the assistance and guidance of skilled veterans. And that is where Octavo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comes into the play. OSPL is a multidisciplinary health and hospital consulting firm founded in 2006. The organisation is managedby a board of health management experts from various sectors like Public Health, Public Health Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Experts, Quality, Project Management, Information Technology, Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions, Planning, Architecture, Skill Development Training, etc.,

led by Dr.Bidhan Das. Dr. Das has the expertise in the field of Quality of Care internationally and more specifically in the South East Asian Region, with an experience of over 20 years in the healthcare sector. Octavo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has successfully implemented more than 250 projects across 16 states in India today. It is the first consulting firm to be registered with Quality Council of India (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) for consulting services in the field of Healthcare (NC07 01).

Our consultants on board have also been involved in framing standards for various healthcare facilities across the Nation and have enabled visionaries from all over India to contribute to the healthcare sector by assisting them in planning and development of healthcare facilities and infrastructure projects ranging from small healthcare service providing institutions to large technical organisations, including large scale Public Health Projects with the Govt. of India and also Public Private Partnership enterprises